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Benefits Of Fiberglass Entry Doors

Many homeowners are installing fiberglass doors. New doors offer several unique benefits. They can increase your curb appeal, boost the value of your home, and improve your energy efficiency. Fiberglass doors are five times better than a traditional door in terms of insulation, so you will feel more comfortable in your home. Even better, fiberglass doors are one of the safest options for your home. Other benefits of fiberglass entry doors include:


A fiberglass door is much stronger than traditional wood or vinyl doors. This makes it harder for someone to break down the door if they want to enter your home. The material is especially durable and it does not rot or decay. For this reason, you can feel safe in your home for many years to come.

High Quality Frames

In addition to the strength of fiberglass doors, these doors have superior framework. Even if the door is strong itself, a weaker framing can contribute to safety hazards. A poor frame is not as secure, and it makes it easier for someone to get inside your home. Fortunately, fiberglass doors have strong framing. They are usually made out of PVC or wood, and they work to reinforce the door so it stays in place. Even more, most framing jobs have double the holding power of a traditional screw.

Another Benefit of Fiberglass Entry Doors – Hardware

Another feature that influences the security of your doors is the hardware. Most entry doors have two holes on the front of the door. This is usually referred to as a “double bore,” and you can find many standard hardware options at your local hardware store. For added security, however, it may be smart to invest in high quality hardware that is not available in stores. Some contractors prefer mortise hardware because the surface area is twice as large as traditional option. This way you can add to the security of your already safe, fiberglass door.

For more information on the benefits of fiberglass doors and their safety features, contact us, a Door Company you can trust. This is a great feature to add to your home whether you live in Janesville, Lake Geneva, Fontana, Walworth or Whitewater and it is worth the investment.


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