A Transformation In Aesthetics And Efficiency

Out With The Old And In With The New

Keith and Sue Raderschadt had struggled with their home’s original-issue vinyl windows for years. Prolonged exposure to the harsh Wisconsin elements had more than begun to show. The window trim was terribly discolored and no longer matched the rest of the home’s color, resulting in a less-than-desirable appearance. Poor seals allowed for air to get in or escape which forced an increase in heating and air conditioning usage—and bills—in both the summer and the winter.

The Raderschadts had contemplated replacing their home’s windows for some time in order to address these issues. Thanks to Soberg Window and Door Company, Keith and Sue were able to:

  • Lower energy usage and costs
  • Stabilize indoor temperatures and comfort
  • Restore the home’s exterior beauty with a modern, clean look
  • Increase the value of the home

Windows And More Make The Difference

Troy Soberg, owner of Soberg Window and Door Company, had replaced some windows for relatives of the Raderschadts in the past so the couple was familiar with the quality of Soberg’s work. While at a local home show, the homeowners met and talked with Soberg and decided that now was the time to upgrade their old vinyl windows with all-new fiberglass windows.

Included in the work was a complete tear-out of all existing interior trim and exterior cedar capping. The new trim and capping was painted to match the remainder of the house for a cohesive and attractive look that complemented the vastly improved energy efficiency of the new windows.


A Record Of Trust Continually Earned

The Soberg Window and Door Company has earned accolades from customers for years, including a family member of the Raderschadts. After working with Soberg themselves, the Raderschadts understand firsthand why the company has the reputation it does. They were amazed at how clean the crew kept their home, including all immediate workspaces and how efficiently the work was performed. The few logistical issues that arose were dealt with so professionally that it was as though no issues at all occurred. The homeowners could not have been more pleased with smooth process from start to finish.


About Soberg Window And Door Company

Since 2007, Troy Soberg has delivered the best in quality workmanship and industry-leading doors and windows to Wisconsin homeowners. Total transparency and excellence in customer service are the hallmarks of the Soberg Window and Door Company approach to business.

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