Not All Entry Doors In Walworth County Are Created Equal.
Therma-Tru Doors Are Superior In Every Category That Matters…

Beautiful. Strong. Energy Efficient. Durable.
The Perfect Entry Doors For Janesville & Beyond.

I’m sometimes asked about entry doors at “Big Box” stores in Walworth County that are advertised lower than we offer. I always say the same thing. Let’s sit down and do an “apples to apples” comparison. It often turns out that the lower price often fails to account for painting/staining costs, hardware and lock costs, and installation costs. So always be sure you are making a fair comparison when looking at companies that install entry doors in Walworth County.

It is also important to carefully consider quality when making a decision about entry doors – both the quality of the product itself and the experience of the installer. Going on price alone can cost you later when you are unhappy with your door or have to replace it years sooner.

The Absolutely Superb Look Of Therma-Tru Fiberglass Doors

Our favorite door is Therma-Tru Fiberglass Doors. These doors use Accu-Grain Technology to mimic the classic look of a wood door, but without the significant drawbacks of wood. You will also get the exact look that best matches your home and your taste – there are more than 100 choices of style sorted into 5 different categories. There is also a variety of distinctive glass styles if you want a door that incorporates glass.

Fiberglass Doors Are Super-Strong

An entry door needs to be strong. Fiberglass doors are extremely hard to dent. (If you have ever had a steel door, you may have learned the hard way that they dent rather easily). Fiberglass doors in Walworth County are very popular because of their strength and security.

Energy Efficient

Entry doors are an important part of the overall energy efficiency of your home – one that many homeowners in Lake Geneva, Janesville, and Fontana overlook. Fiberglass doors have 5 times the insulation value of wood doors.

In addition, Therma-Tru uses the Tru-Defense Door System, which works to keep elements out and energy costs down. All the parts of this system are engineered to work together for maximum effectiveness: weatherstrip, corner seal pad, door bottom sweep, and sloped sill.


Here is what a fiberglass door in Walworth County will NOT do: It won’t rot. It won’t rust or deteriorate. And it won’t warp, bow, or twist. Fiberglass is the perfect material for an entry door in Walworth County because it looks so good while also holding significant advantages over wood and steel as door material.

Wood requires regular maintenance and is subject to peeling, warping, bubbling. It is not good at resisting moisture. Steel, besides being easily dented, can develop scratches that can then rust. Paint chipping can also be common with steel.

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Another Reason To Choose Soberg Window & Door Company:
Guaranteed Quality Door Installation In Walworth County

Not only do we insist on the best products, we also take tremendous pride in our door installation for Walworth County customers. A poorly installed door can compromise the looks and energy efficiency of your door. In extreme cases, it can even make your door less secure.

Soberg Window & Door Company is the family-owned door company in Walworth County that is obsessed with getting every single detail right. That is why we proudly promise you a top quality installation, with no fine print and no excuses.

You will never have to worry about the condition of the work area when we leave either. We pledge to leave the work area cleaner than when we arrive.

If you are ready for a free door consultation and estimate, click here to Contact Us. We install entry doors for Lake Geneva, Fontana, Janesville, and surrounding areas.

P.S. We are sometimes asked if we carry steel entry doors. Yes we do. While we feel fiberglass is a superior choice for the reasons listed above, steel doors can be a solid pick, too. If you would like a comparison of price and advantages of each, we are happy to outline your options.