The Best Windows For Your Home

Old windows can be exasperating. Sometimes it feels like you need to be a bodybuilder just to open and close them – and you just know that you are wasting money on higher energy bills because they aren’t nearly as energy efficient as new windows with the latest technology.

But the thought of investing in new windows can be intimidating. There are so many replacement-window companies out there that offer different products that it’s very hard to know where to start and who to trust. I tell all of my friends and family (and anyone else who will listen) that there is one thing you can do that will absolutely guarantee you will be happy with your new windows.


It’s really that simple. If you work with the right residential window-replacement company, you can be assured that they will handle everything that needs to be handled – and do it in the way that is best for YOU. Everything will be taken care of.

  • Recommending The Best Windows For You.
  • Perfect Professional Window Installation
  • Fair Pricing
  • Best Warranties
  • Treat You With Honesty And Integrity

I started Soberg Window and Door Company because I saw a need for a window company like that – one where you don’t have to worry about a thing. I know the difference between right and wrong and we always do things the right way – ALWAYS!

And after more than 25 years in this business I know a thing or two about which windows people are happy with.

INFINITY from Marvin

For us, we recommend (and use) INFINITY from Marvin Replacement Windows. There is simply no better value than the INFINITY Window. This is a super high quality product that will look gorgeous and last for decades. Yes it will be more expensive than those “cheap” vinyl windows, but the difference in price isn’t nearly as much as the difference in quality. Here are just a few examples of the differences between Infinity Windows from Marvin made with Ultrex® fiberglass, vinyl and wood windows.

  • Vinyl can warp and shift under everyday conditions — potentially making vinyl windows difficult to open and close and affecting their all-around performance.
  • Ultrex® resists sticking, swelling and warping so Infinity windows and doors will continue to easily open and close. 
  • Vinyl can shift up to 1/4” under everyday conditions which may compromise your window’s performance.
  • Ultrex® expands at virtually the same rate as glass, so your windows stay tight and true. This makes Infinity windows resistant to leaks, seal failures and stress cracks that can compromise energy efficiency and long-term performance.
  • Wood windows offer classic beauty however, depending on the environment, can require a lot of extra maintenance and care. Wood windows tend to mold and rot easily if not properly maintained.
  • Infinity windows capture the beautiful details and profiles of wood – without the maintenance. EverWood®, is a breakthrough engineered wood grain interior finish, offers natural looks and textures – plus the durability you demand. It looks, feels, paints and stains like wood but is completely low maintenance.


These are just a few examples of the many benefits that the windows from Infinity has to offer.  All the windows come in a variety of interior and exterior finishes and hardware, design and grill options. To discover more about the quality and benefits of Infinity from Marvin Windows, please visit their website here.

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